Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars
Grab your friends and gear up for the ultimate Nerf Battle. Each player will grab their gun suit up in the team vest and goggles then proceed the briefing room. After watching safety beefing video teams will start at opposite end of the arena and sneak around shooting darts at their opponents. 2 games like capture the flag, freeze tag and jail break will be played within a 10 min session.
Player can bring their guns as long as the will shoot the basic Nerf darts. All ammo will be provided. Please no Megas or Rival guns.
All player will start with a basic gun - Strongarm or Disruptor. Plays can upgrade to better guns for an additional charge.

$7 = 1 game
$15 = unlimited play for 1 hour
$20 = unlimited Nerf wars for all day

Gun upgrades:
$2 = 1 game gun upgrade
$6 = unlimited gun upgrades for all day

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